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- Cut nails and shave off unwanted hairs of the body. Take shower or make ablution (wazu). Before taking bath or making ablution, make Niyat (Intention) that ablution or shower is being taken to put on Ihram. It is preferred to have shower, otherwise Ihram can be put on with ablution only.
- Put on Ihram, cover both shoulders. If it is not Zawal (Forbidden times for Namaz) time when Sajda is not allowed , cover head and shoulders, offer two rakats of Nafil prayer for Ihram. After Surah Fatiha recite Surah Kaferoon in 1st rakat and Surah Ikhlas in 2nd rakat preferably. Any other Surah may also be recited.
- After offering Nafil prayer, uncover your head and make Niyat (intention) to perform Umrah as follows :-
"O Allah ! I intend to perform Umrah, make Thou the same
easy for me and accept it for me"
Recite Talbia three times aloud, and then continue its recitation. Female will recite Talbia silently. Now it is necessary for every male pilgrims not to cover his head until Umrah is completed.
i.e. 'Here I am at Your service. O Allah ! Here I am at Your service; Here I am at Your service; There is no partner unto Thee; Here I am at Your service; To Thee the glory, the riches and the sovereignty of the world. There is no partner to Thee'.
Recite darood sharif and pray as follows :-
"O Allah ! I request your willingness and beg for heaven. I need your protection from your anger and hell".
Keeping both shoulders covered proceed to Mecca. Continue reciting Talbia repeatedly throughout your journey until reached Hajre Aswad in Masjid-ul-Haram. While entering Haram keep your right foot first and say :
"O Allah ! Please open the door of your grandeur and glory for me".
At first sight of Baitullah (Kaaba) recite 3 times " ALLAHO AKBAR LA ILAHA IL-LAL-LAH" and pray as below :
"O Allah ! You are the one to give peace, and peace comes from your side. Oh my God ! Please keep me alive with peace ".
Reach to Baitullah by reciting Talbia repeatedly, and stand in front of Kaaba a little earlier to brown stripe (Brown stripe made on floor) facing Hajre Aswad in such a way that Hajre Aswad and brown stripe is on your right side. If it is difficult to recognise brown stripe due to heavy rush, see green tube light on right hand side on old Haram building for brown stripe identification.
Perform following three functions before brown stripe :-
1 - Stop reciting Talbia.
2 - Do Izteba i.e. Wrap upper Ihram uncovering right shoulder.
3 - Make Niyat for Tawaf as below :-
"O Allah ! I intend to make 7 rounds of Tawaf of your Bait-ul-Haram , purely to praise you, and for your willingness. Make Thou the same easy for me and accept it for me".
- After making niyat for Tawaf, move towards right and stand on brown stripe in such a manner that face and chest is towards Hajre Aswad (Black stone).
- Perform following three functions on brown stripe :-
1 - Say Bismillah Allaho Akbar Walil Lahil Hamd and raise both
hands upto the ears facing palms towards Khana-e-Kaba as done in namaz and then bring hands down.
2 - Do Istelam of Hajre Aswad i.e. raise both hands, and place them on Hajr-e-Aswad
in imagination and kiss both palms.
3- After Istelam, turn right on your feet like a soldier and start Tawaf counter
Perform Ramal during 1st three rounds (walk with pride, taking quick short steps and moving the shoulders with chest out) and Izteba ( keeping right shoulder uncovered ) in all seven rounds. After every round of Tawaf stand on brown stripe, with face and chest towards Hajre Aswad, and perform Istelam of Hajre Aswad (Do not raise hands to your ears), and say :-
Then turn right on your feet like a soldier and start Tawaf. It is not permissible to see or face towards Baitullah during Tawaf except when you are kissing or making Istelam of Hajre Aswad. At the end of 7 rounds of Tawaf do 8th Istelam of Hajre Aswad and then cover both shoulders with Ihram.
Multazim is a place 5 to 6 feet in length between Hajre Aswad and the door of Kaaba. This is a highly sacred place where prayers are accepted. If it is possible to reach Multazim, cling to it pressing your chest and cheeks, and while trembling and crying with devotion seek Allah's mercy, His blessings and request Him whatever you wish. If unable to reach at Multazim, just face towards it and ask Him whatever your wish and invoke his blessings.
Next offer 2 Rakats of Nafil Wajib-Al-Tawaf behind and close to Muqam-e-Ibrahim, if it is not Zawal (Forbidden times for Namaz) time.
If it is not possible to offer Wajib-Al-Tawaf near Muqam-e-Ibrahim, it can be offered anywhere in Masjid-ul-Haram.
Now go to Zamzam well situated in the basement. There are separate portions for men and women.
Drink Zamzam in standing position, the best available water in the world and then supplicate to Allah. After drinking Zamzam it is Sunnah to come back to brown stripe and do 9th time the Istelam of Hajre Aswad.
Then go to Safa and make Niyat (intention) for Sai as under :-
i.e. ' O Allah I Intend to perform the Sai between the Safa and Marwa purely to praise you, and for your willingness, make Thou the same easy for me and accept it for me.
After this climb on the mount of Safa to the point from where you can see the Kaaba, then facing the Kaaba raise your hands in supplication and say 3 (Three) times ALLAH-O-AKBAR, ALLAH-O-AKBAR, ALLAH-O-AKBAR, WALIL LA-HIL HAMD and recite the following 3 (Three) times.
i.e. There is none worthy of worship but Allah; He is One and has no partner; His is the kingdom and unto him is due all praise; In his hand is all good, and He has power over all things.
Read Darood Shareef and then supplicate to Allah. Do same at Marwa. Perform Sai between Safa and Marwa. At Marwa praise Allah facing the Kaaba and repeat the same supplications that were recited at Safa. Safa to Marwa is one trip and Marwa to Safa is another trip, and the 7th trip will end at Marwa. In all trips men will run slowly between the green tube lights but the women will walk in a normal way.
After Sai men should get their heads completely shaved or get the hair clipped of full head or 1/4th head of at least one inch in length. If length of hair is less than one inch, shave off hair of complete head. Women may cut one inch of a lock of their hair (choti). After hair cut Umrah is complete and the restrictions of Ihram are finished. Now wear everyday clothes and live a normal life.
D u a (Prayer)
Learn prayers in Arabic very carefully, so that one does not make mistakes. If any mistake is made its meaning will change. Pray in Arabic only when the prayers have been learned thoroughly, otherwise Pray in your own language. It is not advisable to repeat the prayers read by Moalim or someone else. Some short prayers for Tawaf and Sai are here :-
Prayers to be read during Tawaf
Read following during Tawaf while moving from Hajre Aswad to Multazim.
Alla Hum-ma imanum beka va tasdeeq-um be-kitabeka va-va fa-am be-ah-deka va it-teba-an le-sunnate nabiy-yeka mohammadin sal-lal-laho alaihe vasallam.
On reaching in front of Moqam-e-Ibrahim read following prayer :-
Alla Hum-ma in-na haa-zal baita baitoka val harama haramoka val-amna amnoka va-haza maqam-ul aa-ize-beka menan-nar. fa-aa-jirni menan-nar.
At 'Rukn-e-Shami' read :-
Alla Hum-ma in-ni aoo-zobeka menash shak-ke vash shirke vash sheqa-qe van-nefaqe va suil akhlaqe va suil mun-qalabe fil-ahle val maale val vala-de.
In front of Meezab-e-Rahmat read :-
Alla Hum-ma azil-lani tah-ta zil-le arsheka youma la-zil-la il-la zil-loka vala baaqiya il-la vaj-hoka vas-qeni min hou-ze nabiy-yeka mohammadin sal la-l-laho alaihe va sal-lama sharbatan hani-atan mari-atan la-azmao baa-daha aba-da.
While moving from Rukn-e-Yamani towards Hajre Aswad read this prayer :-
Rab-bana aat-e-na fid-dniya hasa-natounv va-fil aakh-e-rate hasa-natounv va-qena azaban-nar. va-ad khil-nal jan-nata ma-al-abrar. Ya azizo ya ghaffaro ya rab-bal aalamin.
Prayers to be read during Sai
Rab-banagh fir-li vale vaa le-daiya va lil mo-minina youma
Rab-bigh fir var-ham antal aa-az-zul akramo.
Alla Hum-ma in-ni as-alo-kal afva val aafiyata fid-duniya val