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To make seven rounds around the Kaaba, after Istelam of Hajre-Aswad, commencing from Hajre-Aswad (Black stone). It is not permissible to see or face towards Baitullah (Kaaba) during Tawaf except when you are kissing or making Istelam of Hajre Aswad. After completing Tawaf offer 2 Rakats of Nafil Wajib-Al-Tawaf behind and close to Muqam-e-Ibrahim. Nafil is not to be offered during Zawal (Forbidden timings for Namaz) timings. There are seven kinds of Tawaf.
First Tawaf after entering Masjid-ul-Haram in Ihram. Tawaf-e-Qudoom is for those performing Haj Ifrad or Haj Qiran.
This is the pillar of Haj, and without it Haj is not valid. It is preferred to perform Tawaf-al-Ziyarat after hair cut on 10th Zilhaj. Tawaf-al-Ziyarat can be performed between 10 Zilhaj and 12 Zilhaj, before sunset. If delayed than along with Tawaf-al-Ziyarat an animal will have to be sacrificed .
Tawaf-al-Vida or departing Tawaf is the requirement of Haj and not of Umrah. Tawaf-al-Vida is wajib after Haj before leaving Mecca for one's own country.
Tawaf-al-Umrah is part of Umrah and is obligatory.
This is Wajib for those who makes intention for it.
This is the first Tawaf on entering the Masjid-ul-Haram.
Tawaf-al-Nafil can be performed anytime at one's own wish. In Nafil Tawaf there is no Ihram, no Ramal and no Izteba.
1 - Niyat (Intention) is necessary. Without Niyat Tawaf is not valid.
2 - Cover those parts of the body which are obligatory to be covered.
3 - Maintain Ablution during all seven rounds of Tawaf.
4 - One who can walk must perform Tawaf by walking. Performing Tawaf while
riding is permissible only when one is unable to do so on foot.
5 - Begin Tawaf from right side counter clockwise i.e. start from Hajre Aswad and
move towards Multazim.
6 - Include Hateem in Tawaf as it is part of the Kaaba.
7 - Make seven rounds to complete Tawaf.
8 - The women are not allowed to perform Tawaf during their monthly period and
during the impure state after childbirth.
9 - After every Tawaf offer 2 Rakat Nafil Wajib-Al-Tawaf close to Muqam-e-Ibrahim.
1 - Niyat (Intention) is necessary. If one makes seven rounds without making Niyat,
Then his Tawaf will not be valid.
2 - If Ablution breaks in 1st four rounds, then renew ablution and start Tawaf from its
beginning i.e. round one. If ablution breaks after four rounds, then renew ablution
and continue the Tawaf from same place where it was left.
3 - Stop reciting Talbia at the start of Tawaf.
4 - Scent cannot be used when Ihram is adopted. The authorities apply perfumes at
regular intervals to Hajre Aswad. Do not kiss Hajre Aswad when in Ihram, because
during kissing the lips will be touched with the perfume, and then as a penality
animal will have to be sacrificed.
5 - Undesirable times (Forbidden times) for prayer are not considered undesirable for
performing Tawaf.
6 - Stop Tawaf for obligatory Prayers. In Masjid-ul-Haram one can pass in front of a
Namazi, if there is no alternative due to huge rush.
7 - During Tawaf to see or face chest towards Kaaba is prohibited. If due rush some
portion of Tawaf is done with face towards Kaaba, then return back to same
distance and continue the Tawaf. If not possible to return back due huge rush, then
repeat that round.
8 - Every round of Tawaf will commence with Istelam of Hajre Aswad. After
completion of seven rounds, will have to perform 8th Istelam. So in one Tawaf 8
times Istelam of Hajre Aswad will be made.
9 - Don't push or show your strength for Istelam of Hajre Aswad.