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Meeqat are located at the border of the sacred territory around Mecca, and the bounds of Mecca is called Hil. The Afaqis (outsiders) while entering into Mecca must be in Ihram before meeqat. If anyone crosses meeqat without being in Ihram, he will have to return back to meeqat to put on Ihram, otherwise he will commit a sin and will have to sacrifice animal. According to Divine Law of religion there are 5 (Five) meeqat located around the sacred territory of Mecca, for those traveling to Mecca from different places throughout the world.
1 - Zul-Halifa or Bair Ali
Indicates the border line of Haram for those coming from the side of Madina to Mecca.
2 - Johfa or Rabigh
Is the Meeqat for those coming from the side of Cairo and Syria.
3 - Qarnul Manazir
This is the meeqat for those coming from the side of Najad and Taif .
4 - Zat-al-Iraq
Serves as meeqat for those coming from the side of Iraq or Mesopotamia.
5 - Yalamlam
For those coming from the side of India, Pakistan and Yaman to Mecca. Those traveling from Pakistan, must put on Ihram at their homes or on airport before boarding on aircraft, because aircraft traveling from Pakistan to Jeddah has to fly over meeqat before reaching to Jeddah .
It is not easy to put on Ihram for those traveling to Mecca from England, America, Africa or Canada. They may put on Ihram on aircraft when one or preferably two hours flying is left for Jeddah airport.
Taneem ( Masjid Aisha ) and Jerana
These meeqat are for Umrah only, for those who are resident of Mecca. All others (Afaqi) who have performed Umrah once and are residing in Mecca will also have to go to Taneem ( Masjid Aisha) or Jerana to put on Ihram to perform susequent Umrahs.